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What's New at Wyldewood Cove

November 2016 Construction Update

It's finally that time. Construction is nearly complete on the first blocks of Wyldewood Cove and move ins are just around the corner. As we prepare for occupancy, there are a few terms that maybe unfamiliar and lost in the excitement of moving into your new suite at Wyldewood Cove. Below is a brief overview of some of the common terms that you will encounter in condominium living. Don’t forget as we move towards your occupancy dates, it's important that you get in touch with your lawyer to finalize all paperwork needed to take occupancy.

Here Are Some of The Most Common Terms

Condominium Corporation. The condominium corporation is the legal entity representing the collective interests of the unit owners, allowing individuals to own property while sharing the cost of maintaining common elements with the other unit owners through condominium fees. The owners at Wyldewood Cove will elect their board of directors from existing owners and they’ll be assigned to oversee the condo property and affairs of the condo corporation. Board members will have directors and officer’s liability Insurance (often called D&O Insurance) which provides coverage for defense costs and damages arising out of wrongful act allegations and lawsuits brought against the board. If owners choose to, they can vote to add aspects to the experience at Wyldewood Cove that would make it similar to a country club lifestyle such as adding a resident chef or arranging for morning coffees and croissants

Condo documents. Every new condominium will come with an extensive set of condo docs. These include but are not limited to the following: the draft declaration and disclosure, applicable by-laws, rules and regulations, financial statements, budgets and minutes from meetings. These items will govern the Condominium Corporation and its operations. We recommend that you review your condo documents with your lawyer. While they may appear tedious, it’s important to understand them and your lawyer can help you sort through all the details. (They’re not as scary as you think, we promise!)

Common elements. These are the parts of a condo complex that belong to all owners. With a few exceptions, they constitute everything except the units in which people live. Corridors, garbage areas, mechanical rooms, amenity spaces, grounds and walkways are all included. Exclusive use common elements. These are the parts of a community to which only the owners of a suite have access to such as balconies and terraces. This means that while only you can use this space in the event repairs need to be done you can have peace of mind that they will be done professionally and in accordance with the design of the building. Costs associated with repair or maintenance of exclusive use areas are borne by the condominium corporation.

Interim occupancy. This is the period of time between the day you take possession of your home (interim closing) and when you get title registered in your name (final closing.) Once the City grants permission to live in your new home with the issuance of a Permit to Occupy, you are able to move into your suite.

Interim Occupancy Fees. The amount of the Interim Occupancy Fee is based on 3 things:

  1. Interest on unpaid balance of purchase price (the rate is prescribed under the Condominium Act)
  2. Estimate of maintenance fee.
  3. Estimate of property taxes (apportioned monthly).

While there’s no way to say absolutely how long the occupancy period will be, it’s normally between 4-6 months and a builder will do their best to keep this timeframe as short as possible.

Final closing. The occupancy period ends when the condo is registered with the Land Registry Office and you receive the title to your property. Once the condo is registered, the balance of the purchase price needs to be paid along with any adjustments. At this point, you’ll receive full ownership of you four season retreat at Wyldewood Cove.

Condominium fees. This is your percentage share of the costs to run the building as a whole. They correspond to shared utility fees along with maintenance work such as window cleaning, snow removal, amenity upkeep, etc. Fees are calculated according to the size of your unit and are recalibrated each year, up or down, according to the building’s annual operating budget. A certain portion is also set aside as part of a contingency fee, which covers any special costs incurred as part of building upkeep, such as new roof repairs for instance. A one-time capital costs is included for major items that need repair or replacement over time.

TARION: Formerly known as the Ontario New Home Warranty Program, TARION was created nearly 40 years ago and provides new home warranty protection. Serving new homebuyers and owners, this protection is provided by Ontario’s builders and lasts up to seven years. Tarion ensures that unit deficiencies are rectified by the builder based on their One, Two and Seven-year warranty programs unless the damage caused by normal wear and tear or homeowner actions. For more information, please visit

April 2016 Construction Update

Spring is just around the corner on the shores of Georgian Bay! The winter months have been kind to the construction progress at Wyldewood Cove and the character of the community is beginning to take shape as the buildings exteriors are being completed.

Progress has been steady throughout the winter as we have seen insulation and drywall being completed throughout Block A and starting into Block B. Block A was the first of the blocks to be fully energized and Block B will follow shortly. We’ve even seen the elevators installed in these two blocks as well!

Block C is not far behind with windows and doors scheduled to be installed in April. Rough-ins will continue into early May for Block C followed by Block E. Roof trusses are ready to be installed for Block D and with framing nearly complete in Blocks F and G they too will have roofs in the near future!

Our purchaser’s excitement is evident as they pick their finishes for their new homes, and with only three suites left, starting at only $179,990, there is still time to join in the excitement.

Stop by our Sales Office, Open on weekends from 1-5pm or call for your private appointment at 1-888-445-9608, to become part of the community at Wyldewood Cove.

January 2016 Construction Update

Winter is finally here at Wyldewood Cove! Although the mild temperatures may not have been ideal for the winter warriors on the ski hills, they have been a great benefit to our construction efforts at Wyldewood Cove.

Over the past few months we’ve seen Block A rapidly progress. The roof is installed and shingled on and the windows have been installed on the first two floors, with the third floor slated for completion next week. Block B is coming along with its roof nearly complete and electrical and mechanical rough in scheduled to begin next week.

Block C has leapt forward as well, with the completion of its framing and is now ready for the roof trusses to be installed! Blocks D and E are moving right along with framing completed to the third floor and blocks F and G’s foundations are complete and ready for framing.

Excitement is growing at Wyldewood Cove as the buildings are taking shape. At over 95% sold, there's only a handful of suites left, starting at only $179,990.

Stop by our Sales Office, Open on weekends from 1-5pm or call for your private appointment at 1-888-445-9608, to become part of the community at Wyldewood Cove.

November 2015 Update

If you’ve had the chance to drive by Wyldewood Cove you will have noticed that construction is progressing rapidly are the community is beginning to take shape.

The summer months were very successful from a construction standpoint seeing the completion of the buildings concrete pads and site services. In recent month’s underground electrical rough-ins have been completed in the majority of the blocks, as well as foundation walls.

While various buildings are at different stages of construction, Block A received the first roof trusses of the project, as while as the installation of the stunning Douglas Fir timbers that mark the entrance to the building. In the upcoming months this will be a more common occurrence as we move towards completion of the building’s exteriors.

At over 95% sold, there's still an excellent selection of suites available starting at $179,990.
Don't miss out. We invite you take this opportunity to invest in an affordable four-season lifestyle.

July 2015 Construction Update

Exiting things are happening at Wyldewood Cove! Almost all the site services are now installed.

Site servicing on the east side of Wyldewood Cove is being finished up.  If you’ve been watching the site, you’ll have noticed that the overall elevation of the land has been raised by about 3 metres! Rain and cold slowed the process but the cold wet months are behind us and construction is in full swing.

We are moving quickly - the west road is paved, hydro transformer vaults are being installed, water lines are in, as well as the storm and sanitary sewers. Fill and compaction on the east side are well advanced and all the infrastructure is ready to go.  We were also able to build the revetment wall at Georgian Bay faster than anticipated.  It too is now complete. Footings are being poured and the construction of the buildings will soon begin.

At over 90% sold, there's still an excellent selection of suites available starting at $179,990.
Don't miss out. We invite you take this opportunity to invest in an affordable four-season lifestyle, in Collingwood’s runaway success.

Stop by and visit our Sales Office open on weekends and weekdays by appointment.

November 2014 Construction Update

The majority of recent work on-site has been hauling and back-filling the earth that's required to raise the land and create the base of this future community. So far, over a whopping 57,000 tonnes of fill has been brought in and the overall grade of the site has been raised by over a metre. It's now easier to picture what the views to Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain will be like from the homes and the central promenade path system.

Storm and sanitary sewers were also installed on the western and southern ends of the site, which combined, include 680 metres of piping. Work has also commenced on the water main installation, with over a quarter of that work complete. We'll continue with site preparation over the winter months, as weather permits.

October 2014 Construction Update

Construction at Wyldewood Cove is now in full swing. The first stage included the clearing and backfilling of the site for this future community, as well as the building of the revetment along the water's edge.

The land is being cleared to prep for construction and will be backfilled with approximately 100,000 metric tonnes of earth. To put that into perspective, an elephant weighs about one metric ton. That's a lot of dirt! The backfill will raise the current level of the land an additional 3 metres. This extra height is necessary to create a gentle slope as part of the revetment - the protective embankment - at the foot of the community along the shores of Georgian Bay.

Groundbreaking at Wyldewood Cove

On Saturday July 19, 2014, David Hirsh (President and CEO of Brandy Lane Homes) and Her Worship, Sandra Cooper, Mayor of Collingwood, marked the start of construction at Wyldewood Cove. Brandy Lane partners, stakeholders and employees in addition to Wyldewood Cove planners and consultants, joined happy purchasers, their family and friends onsite to mark this important milestone. Click here to see more pictures from the event.

Following the Groundbreaking Celebration, invited guests returned to the Sales Office, and were joined by prospective purchasers seeking to learn more about this community. Everyone who attended that weekend was entered into a draw for one of three Fly & Dine Packages for two. Winners will be treated to the opportunity to see Collingwood and Wyldewood Cove by air, followed by dinner for two at Bistro 26. We had the pleasure of meeting the three lucky winners below at our Head Office.

Community Updates

Interested in what's new at Wyldewood Cove? Our quarterly newsletter is the best way to stay in-the-know.

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Charity Endeavours

At Wyldewood Cove and Brandy Lane Homes, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community. Here is a recent community initiative we're proud to support:

Lunch sponsor for The Mayor’s 19th Annual Golf Challenge (August 14, 2014), held at the Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club.